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"Ambassador EX300 creates class and conquers the peak of "ONLY""


Built based on the original Mercedes-Benz E300 AMG model, distinguished by its sporty and personality design, it brings a youthful vitality that has been completely transformed with the name Ambassador EX300, wearing a royal cape and resonated with many precious materials such as gold and diamond. The interior is dotted with diamond and carbon with the ability to complete extremely in details, amazingly sophisticated display with captivating nobility. Ambassador EX300 is like a king in ancient Greek mythology with richness and full of power.

Ambassador EX300 who creates class and conquers the peak of "ONLY".



The most impressive part of the Ambassador EX300's exterior is the completely new grille frame with Greek gladiator style, including 22 sturdy bars and attractive angles.

Resonating with the image of a god spreading his wings and preparing to fly is a perfect highlight.



Prominent on both sides of the body with a bird-shaped metal framing running vertically, precisely made by hand and plated with 24K gold, standing out with the words

"EAC - Bespoke Edition". This symbolizes the desire to fly to new and wide lands – a private version for individuals.


The cluster of turning buttons for controlling functions, customization, and entertainment on the car is designed and constructed

with 72 diamonds to create a small point but extremely delicate quality.


The original Mercedes E300 AMG steering wheel was replaced by the new generation AMG 2019 steering wheel

for a different, modern, sturdy, and majestic appearance.

The logo with a star having 3 wings was also replaced by the E.A.C logo, which was designed and re-manufactured with precious natural materials such as 24K gold with background finished by being highly aesthetic with enameling method.

Simultaneously dotted with many natural diamonds to enhance the value of the super product and the owner.



The most unique of the Ambassador EX300’s interior compartment is a mechanical clock displaying system time and is designed and changed completely newly with a framing shape enclosed with diamonds and a glass made from scratch-resistant sapphire glass, with the clock background is engraved with a unique pattern personalized in ancient Greek style interlinked with the prominent EAC logo.

EAC_Ambassador_EX300 (35).jpg


The original 19" AMG standard wheels have been replaced by genuine 20" AMG wheels from Germany, creating an impressive appearance with all wheels made of glittering and luxurious 24K gold.

The E.A.C logo that is designed and machined with precise mechanical achieves to perfection, combined with a transparent effect, and shiny like crystal.


Every detail of the design is luxurious and fine, perfected by the skillful and professional hands of the leading artisans of the E.A.C team. We have created works with glittering 24K gold plating, along with the dots of diamond, this creates an irresistible attraction at first sight.

Behind the trunk, there is a framing bar with a perfect curve plated by shiny 24K gold with the words "EXCLUSIVE" which is delicately processed and has high aesthetic value with a glossy, black appearance.

MTM SKETCH 1920X1080.png


The god Mercury is the artistic soul of the Ambassador EX300. He stands in front of the car and flaps his wings towards the blue sky as if he was flying in search of freedom, overcoming all boundaries of

the barrier between space and time.

MTM SKETCH 1920X1080 2.png


A symbol bringing the deification of artistic masterpieces with the subtlety of every line wrapped in luxurious gold plating - The winged messenger is the embodiment of the peak that is crafted from professional and progressive craftsmen.

'The Ambassador EX300 represents one of the greatest rewards in luxury living. Success is measured not only in material wealth but also in intellectual wealth that always reaches new heights.'

This is the story of the exclusive creation of Ambassador EX300 by E.A.C.

Let's experience creativity with E.A.C and create your own world.

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