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Unique Alias by E.A.C International is a group of elements on aesthetics, creativity and perfection with a combination of technology

and precision mechanical engineering, to create personalized frames of license plate through each pattern, along with

the engraving of the owner's name, this makes a difference not only in the sharp design lines with

precious materials, but also in the embellishment of diamonds.

Unique Alias is a valuable gift not to be missed for those who like to enjoy the taste of luxury life.


E.A.C International is the first unit that creates key models of branded cars from high-quality materials such as monolithic Sapphire, 24K gold and diamonds… with design thinking from model of Swiss watch on the super-class keys of E.A.C. Affirming the position of the owner is a highlight at meetings and events today.

A luxury gift with the high value in the combination of technological strength and the quintessence of jewelry art.

Creating an aesthetic value towards perfection.

Black Modern Car


We are proud to be the provider of the best protection solutions on E.A.C's super products, with the anti-broken film, the owners of our unique model of the cars will be safe from the unexpected arising and also ensuring

the safety of the interior inside the car.

We offer protective film with an exclusive scratch-resistant and wear-resistant coating for maximum protection and provide safety for owners who will own the exclusive E.A.C International.

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